Kerala PSC Police Constable Examination Previous Question Papers

Kerala PSC Police Constable Examination Conducted On 4-3-2006

1. The part of the atmosphere in contract with the earth is:
(a)Stratosphere (b)Troposphere
(c)Mesosphere (d)Thermosphere

2. Kalamandalam Hyderali was associated with:
(a)Kathalaki (b)Ottam Thullal (c)Koodiyattam(d)Kuchipudi

3. The acid present in red ants is:
(a)Citric acid (b)Oleic acid (c)Formic acid (d)Acetic acid

4. The gravitational pull of the Moon is ……….. the Earth’s pull
(a)one-tenth of (b)same as (c)one-sixth (d)3 times

5. Marble is a form of:
(a)Calcium oxide (b)Calcium silicate(c)Calcium Hydroxide
(d)Calcium Carbonate

6. Ottawa is the capital of:
(a)Argentina (b)Canada (c)Argentina (d)Canada

7. Abyssinia is the former name of:
(a)Iran (b)U.A.E (c)Ethiopia (d)Jordan

8. The currency of France is:
(a)Pound (b)Euro (c)Franc (d)Mark

9. Radioactivity was discovered byThe f) Rutherford

10. India won World Cup Hockey Championship only once. It was at:
(a)Amstelveen (b)Bombay (c)Sydney (d)Kuala Lumpur

11. Which of the following eye defects can be corrected by using convex lens?
(a)Long sight (b)Short sight (c)Cataract (d)Glaucoma

12. The first Five Year Plan started in the year
(a)1947 (b)1950 (c)1951 (d)1965

13. Jalianwalabagh is in:
(a)Rajastan (b)Punjab (c)Maharashtra (d)Karnataka

14. RDX is:
(a)Readily Detonated Explosive (b)Remotely Detonated Explosive
(c)Readily Destroyed Explosive (d)Research Department Explosive

15. The head quarters of thewho World Health Organisation is at:
(a)Paris (b)Rome (c)Geneva (d)New York

16. Who among the following is known as Frontier Gandhi:
(a)Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan (b)Mohamed Ali Jinnah
(c)Moulana Abul Kalam Azad (d)Raja Gopalachari

17. Who is the founder of Arya Samaj
(a)Gopalakrishna Gokhale (b)Swami Dayaanda Saraswathi
(c)Raja Ram Mohan Roy (d)Swami Vivekananda

18. Wall Street is:
(a)Stock Exchange market in New York (b)Gold Market in Mumbai
(c)Stock Exchange market in Mumbai (d)Gold Market in London

19. The King who proclaimed the ‘temple entry proclamation’
(a)Sreemoolam Thirunal (b)Sree Chithira Thirunal
(c)Marthandavara (d)Swathi Thirunal

20. In which year Delhi became the capital of India?
(a)1911 (b)1920 (c)1932 (d)1947

21. Knesset is the parliament of:
(a)Japan (b)Iran (c)Israel (d)China

22. The first Vice President of India:
(a)Dr. S. Radhakrishnan (b)V.V. Giri
Armed Police Battalion

(c)Dr. Rajendraprasad (d)Mohamed Hidathulla

23. The Adminisrator of Andaman & Nicobar Islands is:
(a)Governor (b)Governor General
(c)Chairman (d)Lt. Governor

24. The inventor of C.T. Scan is:
(a)Housefield (b)Sinclair (c)Horace short (d)Damadian

25. White light consists of seven colours, Out of them which has the highest energy?
(a)Red (b)Violet (c)Blue (d)Green

26. 2005 Nobel prize in Literature was awarded to?
(a)Guntergrass (b)Herold Pinter (c)Elfride Jelinek(d)Sir V.S. Naipaul

27. When was radio broadcasting from Thiruvananthapuram started ?
(a)1965 (b)1956 (c)1931 (d)1943

28. World Food Days is
(a)March 8 (b)July 11 (c)October 16 (d)September 26

29. The film Nrimalyam was directed by:
(a)Adoor Gopalakrishnan (b)G. Aravindan
(c)M.T. Vasudevan Nair (d)Ramu Kariat

30. The author of the famous painting The Last Supper is
(a)Leonardo da Vinci (b)Raja Ravivarma
(c)Picasso (d)Rafael

31. The first Chief Election Commissioner of India:
(a)R.V.S. Periastri (b)Sukumar Sen
(c)Dr. Nagendra Singh (d)R.K. Trivedi

32. The retirement age of a High Court Judge is:
(a)55 (b)58 (c)60 (d)62

33. The word netizen denotes a person who:
(a)uses the internet regularly
(b)is a citizen of a country other than his native country
(c)has settled in another state from his home state
(d)None of the above

34. The game chess had its origin in:
(a)Russia (b)France (c)China (d)India

35. How many bones are there in the human body:
(a)427 (b)206 (c)103 (d)68

36. The first Cricketer who complete 300 one day internationals.
(a)Sachin Tendulkar (b)Wasim Akram
(c)Brian Lara (d)Mohamed Azharudeen

37. Who published ‘Horthus Malabaricus’?
(a)The Dutch (b)The Portugese (c)The French (d)The British

38. ‘Kovilan’ is the pen name of :
(a)R.P. Parameswara Menon (b)P.C. Kuttykrishnan
(c)V. Ayyappan (d)Moorkothu Ravunni Nair

39. Greger Mendel who did pioneering work on heredity was:
(a)a monk (b)a physician (c)a statesman (d)a mason

40. Who among the following Mughal Emperors was illeterate
(a)Jahangir (b)Akbar (c)Shahjahan (d)Aurangaseb

41. Who is the first Education Minister of Kerala State?
(a)K. Chandrasekharan (b)C.H. Mohmmed Koya
(c)K.M. George (d)Joseph Mundasseri

42. The Idukki dam is across the river:
(a)Pampa (b)Periyar (c)Kabani (d)Kallada

43. What is the new name given to India’s population control programme?
(a)Population Stabilization Programme (b)Family Planning Programme
(c)Population planning programme (d)Family Welfate Programme

44. Which of the following is not authored by Jane Austen?
(a)Pride and Prejudice (b)Sense and Sensibility
(c)Sons and Lovers (d)Emma

45. Which district in Kerala has the highest population density?
(a)Malappuram (b)Alappuzha (c)Idukki (d)Trivandrum

46. Which among the following is not an official language of the U.N?
(a)Chinese (b)Arabic (c)Spanish (d)German

47. Which of the following countries is known as ‘Cockpit of European’?
(a)Italy (b)Greece (c)Belgium (d)Germany

48. The first month of the Saka era is:
(a)Phalguna (b)Chaithra (c)Vaishakha (d)Asadha

49. NAAC is associated with:
(a)Grading of education institutions (b)Health care
(c)Agricultural research (d)Industrial research

50. The winner of the Phalke award for 2004:
(a)Dev Anand (b)Mrinal Sen (c)Yash Chopra (d)Adoor

51. What is the common ratio of the progression, 2, 6 32 ?
(a) 3 (b)3 (c) 2 (d)2

52. If the base perimeter of a cylinder is 2cm and it height is 6 cm, what is its volume?
(a)6 cm3 (b)12pcm3 (c)12 cm3 (d)6 cm3

55. The volume of two hemisphere are in the ratio 8 : 27. What is the ratio of their
(a)3 : 2 (b)4 : 9 (c)4 : 13 (d)2 : 3
56. If cos A =
, what is the value of tan A?

57. Convert 1011 into denary numerial
(a)10 (b)11 (c)8 (d)12

58. Which of the follownig can be the measure of an angle inscribed in a minor arc?
(a)180 0 (b)60 0 (c)150 0 (d)90 0

59. What is the area of a triangle with sides 8cm, 6cm and the included angle 600?
(a)24 cm2 (b)48 3 cm2 (c)16 cm2 (d)12 

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